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Hello to one of the most genuine hearts I know

A strong yet frail soul who has been on high and low

You’ve been hurt a lot and will continue to be

But I want to say you’ll always have me.

Go ahead my friend and catch those stones

I’m here to never let them hurt your bones.

It’s not a promise though ‘cause it can be broken.

You know, I can’t put more scar to a heart hurt often.

Your smile might lie and tell that everythings okay

But dear I know how your smile differs in a way

Broken heart, broken dream

It’s not too late so let off the steam

What’s wrong with those guys

have they lost their eyes?

Can’t they see what a beautiful soul you are

Maybe they’re blinded for you are a great star

I’ve told you before that even if guys leave

I’ll stay and cheer you up albeit you’re peeved

You post status on Facebook about finding yourself

But you’ve found the answer, you just got a little bit derailed

Sure, the path becomes unclear and the way seems dim

But you’ve got your family’s back, mine and you have Him

Friend, Never ever lose the shine I see in you

Your light can’t be dimmed I bet all along you knew

And if at times you feel like you’re all alone

How can you be mean? You’re never on your own.

Know that if life gets as shitty as hell

Mine’s shittier but I know everything ends well

So let me remind you that you’ve always got a friend

That’s me your bff before, today and until the very end.

Oh, you asked me what I am going to do with WordPress?

So here’s a poem I dedicate hoping to give you rest

A poem that’ll cheer our lifelong friendship

A letter to you who have been through enough hardship

So don’t be scared my friend to try and retry

Live, love, dream and never say die.



Out of the billions of people in this world, what are the chances that I’ll find you?

Out of the billions of stars in the sky, how will I know which one truly shines?

In a sea where billions of fish swim around, what luck do I have to have you found?

In a garden where flowers bloom and everyone’s fighting for attention, how will a bee like you go and land to a gentian?

With these massive mountains in front of my eyes, can I trail the path and find you in the other side of the highs?

With these busy cities I have been traveling, have you ever passed by or will I  keep unraveling?

For among the letters in the alphabet, I would always wonder how will I be close to U?

And among the words of the English language, when will I hear you say the three words, I love you”?

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Realistic Fiction

The Room


Clunk.Chomping Nails.

Clunk. Clunk.Sweating Palms.

Clunk. Clunk.Trembling Hands. 

Clunk. Clunk.Clunk. Numbing body.

This room has always been scary…and the footsteps… The footsteps…the footsteps.. They’re frightening.

Clunk. Losing vision.

Clunk. Tearing eyes.

Clunk.Drying mouth.

Clunk. I creep.

It stopped.

 Creak. I cower.

He’s here. My father and his hoary words are making me nervous.

He whispers, “Are you ready, my princess?”

 Then I can’t remember anything.

letter, message

The Unprecedented You

You came into my life unprecedentedly. I did not have any time to battle with my heart and mind if choosing you was right because you just appeared without a warning. I have long tasted the loneliness of this world and the hoary thirst covering my tongue was slowly killing me. And there you were in the middle of my pilgrimage to the promise land- my water, the satisfaction to my arid mouth. With the strength you gave, I was able to continue. I thought I’d found you in the end  but you were there in the middle. Just in time when I almost gave up. You’re amazing, more than how Superman amazes me with all his superpowers. You yourself are already my superpower.

Funny how you came to my life when I least expected it. You came like how “the” apple that fell on Newton’s head defined gravity. You made me realize what is it to really fall hard.

You came like Van Gogh with your paintings stroked on your body. I was hooked. Your body was shining like a masterpiece with all its colors and hues, subdued and at the same time, scintillating. And yes, like an abstract painting, you are subtle and sometimes confuse me, but I can’t help but look and wonder what’s in that beautiful soul of yours. Oh the hunger of always wanting to know you better in almost everyday!

I solved every equation but I never knew that you were the value of that inscrutable x.  No one will ever know how much of a value you are. I had looked at different angles in my life only to find out that it’s you all along- the answer to my missing  theta, beta and gamma.

Oh, and I love how you came and cracked the codes of my elusive maze like how Robert Langdon decrypted every mystery behind the codes of  Mr. Brown’s dumbfounding story. I was your chalice then. Now I am your Holy Grail. You found me in the Louvre where every structure of me is a broken glass, always facing downward because that was me, broken and inverted. You found the beauty that’s within me.

Though I can lay more metaphorical comparisons to describe how you came into my almost barren life, what’s noteworthy is how you stayed through all these years. You unflaggingly provide and supply things I never asked for. You are my whole set of XMen. A lot more uncanny than the rest of them. You are my every artist in every period  in every country. And among all the letters of all the alphabets in this world, you are pretty much my alpha and omega. Your uncomparable singularities outmatch all the prolific writers’ masterpieces. You are God’s masterpiece. You’re the overall genre of my literature that I will not get tired of writing and reading because everyday, I discover something new about you.

That’s how amazing you are. Always unprecedented.


What are we, what we can be

Who are you?

What is your biggest fear?

What is your deepest dream? 

What is your strongest strength? 

What are you hiding in your eyes?

What have you heard that made you cry?

What does your shadow want to tell?

What is the thing that makes you run away?

Why is your heart broken?

Why did you let it happen?

Who made you feel this way?

Who can turn your night into day?

How will you restart 

and put back the pieces to heal your 

broken heart?
You’re just me.

And I am you.
Where did we go?

What happened to us?

We used to be happy

And carefree

Afraid not of this world

Lipped not to say a word

Always curious

But yes, somehow furious

If things do not go our way

But how come now, we don’t care anyway

Of things that get in our way

Of words deep down inside we’re dying to say

Of people willing to protect us, shield us,guide us, saying it’s going to be okay

How come we let the burdens of this world be in our shoulder

When we know we are fragile, easily shuddered.

Are we just shadows afraid of light

Trying to be coward when we know how to fight?

Will we be just shadows all our life

Or will we be the light 

brave enough

 to spark

 in this gloomy and starless night?


I want someone who…

Today I witnessed the union of my beloved sister and her beau.

And there was Cupid reminding me of his magical arrow and bow.

I just happen to get jealous for a minute,

Thinking how my heart will be hit

By someone who’ll

See my pieces as a whole;

By someone who I want

To accept my already tattooed heart,

Broken by hopes and promises,

Beating dreams of passionate kisses.

But I think Cupid’s too engaged 

To calculate, measure and gauge

The heart of those who are more shattered than mine

The heart of those drowned and battered in those bottles of wine.

Or maybe he’s just too busy

Searching, finding “that” fish in the sea

For he’s obedient who listened well to God

So he keeps waiting for that fish to bite his fishing rod.

Oh, sorry I merely forgot

He’s using fishing rod, not.

For he’s one of those gods who vey well know

Whom I pray for a golden arrow and a silvery bow

To shot that someone who

I’ll be proud to call  my boo

He knows I want someone who

Who’ll saturate my raging hue

He is that someone who’ll fancy

The universe in my eyes,

The dreams that shine,

The passion inside,

The truth I barely hide,

The hurts that subside,

The pains in my fine,

That in my eyes, a lot coincide

But he’ll still look at me for I am his pride.

And yes I am searching for him

In the brightest of light and in the darkest dim

So God, calm my curious and impatient heart

For I know Cupid’ll be exhausted for the challenge you and I gave is hard.