letter, message, poems


Hello to one of the most genuine hearts I know

A strong yet frail soul who has been on high and low

You’ve been hurt a lot and will continue to be

But I want to say you’ll always have me.

Go ahead my friend and catch those stones

I’m here to never let them hurt your bones.

It’s not a promise though ‘cause it can be broken.

You know, I can’t put more scar to a heart hurt often.

Your smile might lie and tell that everythings okay

But dear I know how your smile differs in a way

Broken heart, broken dream

It’s not too late so let off the steam

What’s wrong with those guys

have they lost their eyes?

Can’t they see what a beautiful soul you are

Maybe they’re blinded for you are a great star

I’ve told you before that even if guys leave

I’ll stay and cheer you up albeit you’re peeved

You post status on Facebook about finding yourself

But you’ve found the answer, you just got a little bit derailed

Sure, the path becomes unclear and the way seems dim

But you’ve got your family’s back, mine and you have Him

Friend, Never ever lose the shine I see in you

Your light can’t be dimmed I bet all along you knew

And if at times you feel like you’re all alone

How can you be mean? You’re never on your own.

Know that if life gets as shitty as hell

Mine’s shittier but I know everything ends well

So let me remind you that you’ve always got a friend

That’s me your bff before, today and until the very end.

Oh, you asked me what I am going to do with WordPress?

So here’s a poem I dedicate hoping to give you rest

A poem that’ll cheer our lifelong friendship

A letter to you who have been through enough hardship

So don’t be scared my friend to try and retry

Live, love, dream and never say die.

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