Writers are Conquerors

To all the aspiring writers in here and out there, let’s write our hearts out and

conquer the whole world with our grit and love in reliving stories through a compelling and solacing combination of words and letters

Never stop. Go and tell the universe your inspiriting and vivifying story!



Out of the billions of people in this world, what are the chances that I’ll find you?

Out of the billions of stars in the sky, how will I know which one truly shines?

In a sea where billions of fish swim around, what luck do I have to have you found?

In a garden where flowers bloom and everyone’s fighting for attention, how will a bee like you go and land to a gentian?

With these massive mountains in front of my eyes, can I trail the path and find you in the other side of the highs?

With these busy cities I have been traveling, have you ever passed by or will I  keep unraveling?

For among the letters in the alphabet, I would always wonder how will I be close to U?

And among the words of the English language, when will I hear you say the three words, I love you”?

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